15 Mar

The Queen Charlotte

The Queen Charlotte

As I trudge up the steep incline, my leg muscles screaming and my lungs out of breath, I ask myself for possibly the hundredth time that day, What did I get myself into? Four of my companions are at least ten metres ahead of me now, and seem to be managing the uphill walk with far more ease. Sounds of [...]

11 Mar

An Education


Last night I watched a rather interesting scene unfold before me. My hosts (both mum and dad) were sitting next to their 17-year old sun fussing over his math homework. Which made me think of my own schooling. My mother stopped pushing me at 13, when I started secondary school (our version of high school). She thought I was old [...]

10 Mar

Missing Home

Missing Home

Since we’re at the tail end of our trip (with exactly one more month in New Zealand before we fly back to Singapore), I thought I’d write about the things I’ve missed the most. Family I talk to my mum and brother a lot over Whatsapp but I still miss them. I used to Skype my parents a fair bit [...]

05 Mar

Death in the Family

My paternal grandmother passed away today. It was a shock to find that out via an email entitled (no subject), because when my mum sends me (no subject) emails, they tend to perspective paintings on the road, cute penguins, or videos that she claims are hilarious but I never download. In all seriousness though, it really shouldn’t have been too [...]

25 Feb


I feel terrible! I’ve spent the last five or so days trying to find work or places we can WWOOF at, but to no avail. I’ve probably emailed at least forty over people and had more rejections than I can count. All the WWOOF farms have been fully booked till end of March and most paid jobs want someone with [...]

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