Sending 2009 Off With A Hat-py Bang!

January 9, 2010 4 Comments by Tiramisue

The second last day of 2009 was 24seven’s year end Bloggers party.  It was a Hat-py party, which meant we each had to come in a crazy hat!  And if you came without a hat, you’d have to wear the one provided by 24seven, which came complete with a caption that said, “24seven made me wear this because I forgot to bring my hat!”

Oh the poor souls.

None of us forgot ours though.  (I even brought an extra beret just in case.)  And by us, I mean my fellow bloggers Arrch, Seriously Sarah, Raven Silvers, Joelyn Alexandra, and Avariel!  Well, and me of course.  Tiramisue.  ^^

I like my hat.  It wasn’t too outstanding nor original since there were other girls with rather similar looking hats to mine, but I really liked having a black veil.  AND it had feathers!  Feathers are an automatic win.  *grins*

Anyway, the evening started off with food!

I don’t usually give much thought to catered food, but this was pretty good.  It had me going for seconds!  ‘Sides, dessert was cheesecake and brownies (in cute alternating squares), how could anyone resist?! <3

Some of the hats!

We gathered after dinner to start our first activity for the night.  And it was a quest!  Aha!

Click to check out our quest guide!

Naturally, being a bloggers party, there was lots of photo taking, emailing, tweeting, facebooking going on throughout.  For this particular quest we had to email our photos to 24Seven before the time was up!

But since not everyone had a camera phone, or a data plan attached to that, Samsung was kind enough to loan Pixon phones to us!  My camera phone was wifi-enabled, so I used that, but Arrch borrowed one of the Pixons.

Arrch and I teamed up, so I took and emailed his photos, while he took and emailed mine!  Check them out below.  These were taken on the Samsung Pixon 12.

Arrch was way faster than me, even with a phone he wasn’t familiar with.  I uh, blame the fact that I had a slower Nokia phone that was dependent on the wireless@SG network.  Yep.

Arrch and I scurrying to submit our photos!

And there wasn’t enough time to run around the gallery, admire the art, take pictures, and email them!  Even without the art admiring, I think the time given was quite tight.  But, perhaps they were testing our speed.  In that case, I probably failed.  Yes I think its quite obvious I’m a slow blogger.  I can tweet quickly enough though.   Heh.

The particular art gallery we explored was from the Philippines, and pretty interesting, though I wish there was more time to roam.

After our little quest it was back to the Glass Gallery, where we chilled to music by the Black Diamond Ninjas and Only After Coffee.  Music was good, and I really liked the female lead singer from Only After Coffee.  She has a really good voice.

Black Diamond Ninjas and Only After Coffee.

I won Megazip tickets!

Prize Presentations!

It seemed like 24Seven had some really generous sponsors this year!  There were tons of prizes!  And mind you, these weren’t crappy prizes like pens and etc.  Singtel, Samsung, Sentosa, were among some of the bigger name sponsors with great prizes.

I managed to win a pair of Megazip tickets somehow, because Arrch got seven pictures of me and submitted those for the seven colours tasks.  So it’s really all his effort I got the credit for.  Tee hee.

And if you’re wondering what Megazip is, check out Sarah’s blog post about it when we tried it out!  It’s awesome fun.  You should do it.

Sarah won stuff too!  A hundred dollar The Lens Men voucher.  Ironic indeed, since she has perfect vision!

Yes, those glasses are fake.

So what did we do?  Swapped prizes, of course! *grins*

We played some Bingo (which I didn’t have much luck with), before going on to the grand prize of the day: A Samsung Pixon phone.  The same one Arrch used earlier but, brand new.

There was probably about a second of silence after the winning numbers were read out, before I heard a “Huh?” from Joelyn on my left!  It was such a cute reaction.  We all burst out laughing as she went up to collect her phone.  I was so glad it was won by one of us!

A new Samsung Pixon!

It was a really good party put together by 24Seven.  Mad props to them!  I do wish we had more time to mingle and chat with other bloggers though, just didn’t seem like there was enough time for that.  I’d have preferred less music and more interaction, but overall it was all good.

Group photo!

Thanks 24Seven for throwing a great year end party!  Looking forward to the next one!

With the organisers!

I’ll just end off with another epic photo.  A tee shirt that had turned into a meme by the end of the night.  If you are interested in getting this shirt, you may purchase it from  The original text under the sticker says “Buffy”. :D

Oh yes I did.

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  1. arrch
    3448 days ago

    Great write-up! I’ll just have to link to yours and Sarahs and everyone elses when I get to writing up that night!

  2. Joelyn Alexandra
    3447 days ago

    Hey hey! Great post. I thought more interaction would be better though. Congrats on winning the prizes! ~ Jo

  3. Tiramisue
    3447 days ago

    Hehe thanks. And congratulations to YOU! :D

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