Two years.

June 25, 2011 1 Comment by Tiramisue

I  popped back in here because I got a tweet from Seriously Sarah that my webhosting is almost up.

In two years, I have made a grand total of… seven blog posts. Seven, in two years.

One the upside, seven is a cool number. But that’s probably the only positive eh?

So I’m wondering if I should even continue this blog or if I’m just wasting money. I’ve honestly never been much of a writer, but this place was supposed to be somewhere I could chronicle my projects and adventures.

Which obviously I haven’t done much of.

Maybe blogging is not my thing. But I think it might be a bit premature to close this place down. So I’m gonna give it another two years, and see what happens after.

I’ve got a bunch of projects on hand right now; maybe I’ll write about them in the following posts.

If I can find the time. :P

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  1. Your brother
    2915 days ago

    So how much does it take to keep this website up?

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