Out of the city and into the country

November 27, 2011 No Comments by Tiramisue

Just a quick update that we’re officially in the countryside now! Left Napier this morning and headed to Takapau, which is well… you’d be hard pressed to even call it a town.

Tomorrow we start our first WWOOF-ing job ever, working on a vegetable garden. And in return for our work, Eunice and I get a nice bed to sleep in, a room to ourselves, and food on our plate. Our hosts are Paul and Anne, who’ve just finished renovations on their beautiful house (which is really very nice!) and are moving on to their vegetable garden (which is where we come in).

Given that we have no gardening or farming experience whatsoever, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping everything goes well and I don’t break anything!

(Oh and I promise Tongariro Crossing update is coming up next; so many photos to sift through!)

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