Our First Paid Gig

January 17, 2012 1 Comment by Tiramisue

Last week we got our first paid job!

It was relatively straightforward; just cleaning up after a house renovation. A couple of our salsa friends run a home renovation business, and they got us in to help clean.

It might have been straightforward, but it certainly wasn’t easy or quick. In fact, the two of us spent almost the whole day on one tiny room. As starters we cleared all the debris, which required several trips down to the bottom of the house where the dump was.

This house, like most houses in Wellington, is built on the side of a hill. And like most houses (including the one we are staying in now), from the road you have to traverse a narrow (sometimes overgrown) footpath that winds about one floor up the hill before you reach the house.

It’s really no fun to carry large pieces or heavy debris down.

(While we are on this topic of houses on hills, there are some houses in Wellington that are on such a steep slope it’s impossible to build a footpath, let alone a driveway, to the house. So they will have a garage at the bottom of the slope, and then they take a cable car up to the house. Imagine if the cable car broke down in the middle with someone in it.)

But the plus side though, is the view. Because the closest house in front of you is also several metres below you, you pretty much get an uninterrupted view of the surrounding area.

This was the view from the room we were cleaning. Stunning!

But this is an entry about our first paid work, not stunning views from houses in Wellington, so I’m following up with some before and after shots Eunice took of the room we spent an entire day on.

After the larger debris got carted downstairs, we swept the smaller pieces as well as all the sand into buckets. There was a LOT of sand and plaster remnants. It was also incredibly dusty so we had dust masks on throughout.

And after whatever could be swept away got swept away, we vacuumed up whatever could not be swept away.

Then we got some one-on-one time with the things that could not be carted, swept, or vacuumed.

The white stuff is plaster. Most of it could be swept away, but a lot of it was stuck to the ground. Heaps of it got into the grooves of the timbre floor as well. As gently as possible, we scraped them out bit by bit. This is an incredibly tedious and time consuming process.

We got as much as we could out, but not everything came off. If you look at the second photo you’ll notice lots of white streaks that we couldn’t remove.

You’d think looking at the ‘before’ photo that the easiest thing to do would be to get a wet mop and mop everything up. But its only going to make things worse because that there is dried plaster on the ground. Mix in water and your floor will be in a nice cloudy white mess.

We only use sugar soap and sponges right at the end when we’ve scraped and dusted out everything we can. Even then it’s still a little cloudy but we go over it a couple of times and it looks heaps better.

And judging by the once more dark grooves between the floor boards, I’d say we did a pretty good job.

We came back the next day and finished cleaning the rest of the house in half the time it took us to do this one room. No more plaster to contend with you see, just dust – my specialty.

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  1. Susan Chan
    2682 days ago

    You both can come clean my house anytime…..free stay, free food…..hehehe

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