Day trip to Port Stephens

February 9, 2012 No Comments by Tiramisue

It’s supposed to be summer now but the weather here in Sydney is so dreary. It’s raining almost everyday!

So naturally we seized the one day weather forecasts showed sun, and armed with lots of sunblock and a simple picnic, Arrch, Eunice and I made the two and a half hour drive up to Port Stephens.

It was a fantastic day and we weren’t about to let it go to waste. Even if we were operating on 3 hours of sleep from the Sydney Latin Festival the night before.

Birubi Beach is fantastic! Just wide expanses of sand and sand dunes for as far as your eyes can see.

Our modest little picnic… I didn’t really have much time to prepare anything fancy. :p

 And when it got too hot we cooled ourselves down in the sea! It was a huge beach and you could go pretty far out but only be standing in waist-deep water. Of course it was pretty hard to gauge exactly how deep you were because the water levels were constantly changing with every wave that came in.

Arrch and I left Eunice tanning her cheeks and we went to check out the rock outcroppings at the end of the beach.

Getting on to the rocks wasn’t too hard, staying on it was. The rocks were full of sharp barnacles that could very well cut your feet if you weren’t careful. And where there weren’t barnacles, the rocks had been baking in the sun for a really long time. I was hopping around and running for the little puddles of water in the rocks because they were burning my feet!

Once we found a nice smooth spot I settled down into my favourite beach activity: reading.

Now I know I look really zen in this last photo, contemplating the state of the universe and all that jazz, but here’s what I was really doing.

See all these spongy things? They’re really soft and grow by the edge of the rocks. When the waves come in they fill up with water, and when they go out I’d jab them with my toe and they squirt. Water! They squirt water!

Ok I know it doesn’t sound very interesting, but I was completely fascinated! Until the rising crashing waves chased me off the rock I was sitting on.

I had been on the beach for four hours by then and I was really craving some ice cream. So we packed up, drove to the town centre, got some ice cream from Coles and sat by the picturesque Port Stephens.

Beautiful end to an amazing day!

PS. I feel like I need to add this as an addendum. Remember to ALWAYS reapply sunscreen after you come out of the water. The back of my legs were badly burnt from not reapplying sunscreen and lying on my tummy in the sun. Somehow I managed everywhere else on my body except the back of my legs… 

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