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18 Jul

Meet Swifty!

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Meet Swifty, the newest member of our family. Swifty is a Logitech Guitar Hero Wireless Guitar Controller, a gift from Arrch when I was visiting Sydney!  And named after Taylor Swift. We got it just before I had to leave Sydney for Singapore, so I hardly had any time to get it ready for plane transport…  Everything was still in [...]

12 Jun

My GH Guitar strumbar died… What now?

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Some time ago, my guitar’s strummer decided it’d had enough of life with me, and chose to commit suicide.  Perhaps it’d been over stressed.  *shrugs* In case you’re wondering, my guitar has buttons instead of strings.  You might have seen those before.  Only used by L337 guitarists. So yes, my strummer gave out, but since the GHWT guitars came with [...]

24 Sep

Games Convention Asia 2009

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Most people, when quizzed about Games Convention Asia (or GCA), will recall the exhibition.  As with almost every convention, there is the exhibition, open to public, where game developers and publishers showcase their latest in a bid to wow the consumer market. But there is another side to these conventions that aren’t specifically targeted at consumers. This year, yours truly [...]