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11 Mar

An Education


Last night I watched a rather interesting scene unfold before me. My hosts (both mum and dad) were sitting next to their 17-year old sun fussing over his math homework. Which made me think of my own schooling. My mother stopped pushing me at 13, when I started secondary school (our version of high school). She thought I was old [...]

25 Jun

Two years.

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I  popped back in here because I got a tweet from Seriously Sarah that my webhosting is almost up. In two years, I have made a grand total of… seven blog posts. Seven, in two years. One the upside, seven is a cool number. But that’s probably the only positive eh? So I’m wondering if I should even continue this [...]

13 Jan

New Year’s Resolutions: In One Year And Out The Next

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I never liked doing New Year’s Resolutions.  It makes you think of your previous years’ resolutions, and how you failed to keep them all.  So I just tell myself to forget resolutions, and save all the hassle (and guilt). But the thing about New Year’s Resolutions is that its such a contagious thing.  One person does it, another follows suit, [...]

03 Dec

I swear they are fire hazards!

I cannot, for the life of me, see the allure of having hundreds of other bodies pressing against you, being stepped on, shoved around, and squashed tighter than a can of sardines in a room that has far exceeded its capacity, and all the while heavy pulsating music is blaring so loudly in the background you can’t hear anyone else!