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11 Dec

A Day in the Life of a WWOOF-er

A Day in the Life of a WWOOF-er

Ok granted, this is not gonna be the same thing that every WWOOF-er experiences in their daily life (every farm/household is different and everyone does different things), but this is just what I’ve been living the past two weeks as a WWOOF-er in Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Oh also, before I go on, WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities [...]

27 Nov

Out of the city and into the country

Just a quick update that we’re officially in the countryside now! Left Napier this morning and headed to Takapau, which is well… you’d be hard pressed to even call it a town. Tomorrow we start our first WWOOF-ing job ever, working on a vegetable garden. And in return for our work, Eunice and I get a nice bed to sleep [...]