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13 Feb

The best Jetstar flight…

The best Jetstar flight

…is when you don’t have to fly Jetstar at all. So one day before we were supposed to leave Sydney for Christchurch, Arrch gets a call from Jetstar saying that they’ve cancelled our flight to Christchurch. That in itself isn’t too surprising because Jetstar is notorious for canceling flights at the last minute. But what was awesome was that they put us [...]

25 Jan

Three Week Culinary Challenge: Dirty Dishes

Three Week Culinary Challenge: Dirty Dishes

Over a month ago in Wellington I embarked on a project in the hope of improving my non-existant culinary skills. Well I completed my challenge, and with one exception, I did cook/bake at least one item every day. I’ve learnt a lot about cooking this past month, but what’s interesting and rather unexpected is that I’ve discovered a trait about myself [...]

20 Jan

Last looks at Wellington

Last Looks at Wellington

It’s my last day in Wellington and while I’m happy to move on with my trip, I find myself not really wanting to leave either. In spite of the crazy hills and the crazy winds, I really love Wellington. It’s probably one of the coolest capital cities in the world. And even though it’s a major city, somehow Wellington still [...]

17 Jan

Our First Paid Gig

Our First Paid Gig

Last week we got our first paid job! It was relatively straightforward; just cleaning up after a house renovation. A couple of our salsa friends run a home renovation business, and they got us in to help clean. It might have been straightforward, but it certainly wasn’t easy or quick. In fact, the two of us spent almost the whole [...]

12 Jan

Three Week Culinary Challenge: Week 3

Three Week Culinary Challenge: Week 3

The third and final week of my culinary challenge! This week I make muffins, steak, prawn curry and a disastrous looking but amazing tasting carrot cake!

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