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11 Dec

A Day in the Life of a WWOOF-er

A Day in the Life of a WWOOF-er

Ok granted, this is not gonna be the same thing that every WWOOF-er experiences in their daily life (every farm/household is different and everyone does different things), but this is just what I’ve been living the past two weeks as a WWOOF-er in Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Oh also, before I go on, WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities [...]

03 Dec

To Mount Doom and back – Part I

Mount Ngauruhoe

Five am on a Saturday morning, my phone alarm blares. I shut it off and go back to sleep. A couple of minutes later, in the bed across from me another alarm rings. Eunice, my best friend and travel buddy silences it. Mine goes off again shortly… and then hers… and mine again… until after 15 minutes of snoozing I [...]

27 Nov

Out of the city and into the country

Just a quick update that we’re officially in the countryside now! Left Napier this morning and headed to Takapau, which is well… you’d be hard pressed to even call it a town. Tomorrow we start our first WWOOF-ing job ever, working on a vegetable garden. And in return for our work, Eunice and I get a nice bed to sleep [...]

25 Nov

There and Back Again – A Hobbit’s Tale

There and Back Again – A Hobbit's Tale

Visiting the Shire was something I always ALWAYS wanted to do, and given that this was my first Lord of the Rings location visit in New Zealand, as you’d expect, I was incredibly excited. (Well, I’m excited at any LotR location visit, but yeah you get the drift..) Lots of squealing and happy grins that garnered a couple of raised eyebrows [...]

22 Nov

Sulphur and Mud

Sulphur and Mud

One of the first things we heard when we told people we were heading down to Rotorua was, beware of the smell. Also known as Sulphur City, the place generally has the smell of rotten eggs. At least, that’s what we were told. In truth, it really wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be. Yeah you could [...]

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