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20 Nov

Love a good hāngi!

Love a good Hangi

My first day in New Zealand was the first time I’d heard of this thing called a hangi, which is the traditional Maori way of cooking food. And how this Kiwi dancer, Ben, explained it to me was that it was a big barbecue on the ground. So the next day we were talking about hangis and another dancer, a part Maori [...]

17 Nov

The Start of an Epic Journey

Start of an Epic Journey

It’s a journey all right, and it’s most definitely going to be epic. Like Frodo and Sam going to Mount Doom. Except I’m not actually gonna climb Mount Doom (but more on that in another entry). I’ve been in New Zealand for about 3 weeks now, yet this is my first blog entry on it. With so much going on [...]

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