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24 Feb

Where am I now?

I just made a new page with a hand drawn map of New Zealand tracing our path from Auckland. Will keep updating it as we go along! You can get to the page by clicking on “WHERE AM I NOW?” on the top menu, or just click this link. Sorry I know it’s a little messy but I think it’s [...]

22 Feb

Up a Lazy River

Up a lazy river

I’m constantly taken aback by the simple natural beauty of New Zealand. Driving from city to city is in itself a scenic experience as you meander through mountain ranges, farmlands, and rivers. Our drive from Christchurch to Nelson, where we would spend the night before going on the Queen Charlotte, was exactly that. Ben, our awesome Kiwi friend, in the driver’s [...]

22 Feb

Lost… and found.

I leave something behind at every place we stop at. If I had to make a list of items I’ve forgotten to take with me when I’ve packed and left… well let’s just say it will not be a short list. I am quite absentminded at times. Most of things I’ve forgotten though are small ticket items like foodstuff or toiletries, [...]

21 Feb

Feeling like a vagrant

Feeling like a vagrant

Of my entire trip so far, this past week in Christchurch, I’ve felt most like the homeless vagrant my mother thinks I am. Shuffling between houses every couple of days, lugging suitcases, constantly the stranger in someone else’s home… We’ve stayed in friend’s houses before, but not usually so many over such a short span of time. Our Christchurch friends [...]

16 Feb

Cordoning off an entire city

Cordoning off an entire city

It’s been a year and a half since Christchurch had their first major earthquake. Since then there’ve been three other major quakes, and thousands of other tiny ones that take place almost every other day or so. We couldn’t help but do some earthquake tourism while here.   The entire city centre has been cordoned off because they were the [...]

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