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24 Feb

Where am I now?

I just made a new page with a hand drawn map of New Zealand tracing our path from Auckland. Will keep updating it as we go along! You can get to the page by clicking on “WHERE AM I NOW?” on the top menu, or just click this link. Sorry I know it’s a little messy but I think it’s [...]

25 Jun

Two years.

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I  popped back in here because I got a tweet from Seriously Sarah that my webhosting is almost up. In two years, I have made a grand total of… seven blog posts. Seven, in two years. One the upside, seven is a cool number. But that’s probably the only positive eh? So I’m wondering if I should even continue this [...]

31 Aug

Hello people of the internet!

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I see you have somehow or other stumbled upon my humble home.  Perhaps you were looking for a recipe of that famous Italian cake.  Perhaps not. Nevertheless, as you can probably see, this blog is still very much in the works.  I like to think of it as an empty house, and me, as the excited new owner who just [...]