13 Feb

The best Jetstar flight…

The best Jetstar flight

…is when you don’t have to fly Jetstar at all. So one day before we were supposed to leave Sydney for Christchurch, Arrch gets a call from Jetstar saying that they’ve cancelled our flight to Christchurch. That in itself isn’t too surprising because Jetstar is notorious for canceling flights at the last minute. But what was awesome was that they put us [...]

11 Feb

Yum-cha in Sydney

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Yumcha in Sydney

Yum cha in Sydney is something that I’ve always wanted to have but never got around to. With the weather so nasty, we figured this was the perfect daytime indoor activity. Arrch took us to Chatswood, cos the mall was huge and I hadn’t been there since my very first trip to Sydney years ago! I don’t think the owners [...]

09 Feb

Day trip to Port Stephens

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Birubi Beach

It’s supposed to be summer now but the weather here in Sydney is so dreary. It’s raining almost everyday! So naturally we seized the one day weather forecasts showed sun, and armed with lots of sunblock and a simple picnic, Arrch, Eunice and I made the two and a half hour drive up to Port Stephens. It was a fantastic [...]

06 Feb

Best of the Best 2012

Best of the Best 2012

Despite my slight misgivings about coming to Sydney, and a sudden emotional breakdown in the middle of the event, I had a really really good time at Best of the Best. After partying the day before, we dragged ourselves out of bed, caught a ride to the closest station, then began a 2 hour journey from South Sydney to Rooty [...]

02 Feb


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Australia Day

Barbecue and booze. A typical Australia Day celebration. This one though, had a pool involved as well. We’ve been to a few Aussie and Kiwi parties so far, and something I’ve come to discover is that most parties here operate on a eat-what-you-bring and drink-what-you-bring basis. If you want steak and kebabs you bring your serving of steak and kebabs, [...]

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